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T-Mobile USA just announced that its HD Voice feature is now available nationwide for millions of its customers. The best part? Many won't even need to buy a new phone to take advantage of HD Voice. In fact, it's already supported by the HTC One S and the Samsung Galaxy S III.

We heard an example of the difference here at T-Mobile's press conference and we were easily able to tell the difference, especially when it came to background noise.

"T-Mobile is enriching the customer experience on its network with our nationwide launch of HD voice," CTO Neville Ray said "In addition, multiple third-party tests have shown that the experience on T-Mobile's nationwide 4G network rivals major competitors' LTE networks. This year, we're stepping on the gas again. We are making continued coverage improvements and launching an advanced LTE network that will reach 100 million people by mid-year and 200 million people by end of year."