Not everyone follows the market as closely as we do, which means consumers often purchase a phone, only for a new version of that same phone to come out a week later. That’s a problem many consumers have run into, and something T-Mobile wants to rectify going forward.

T-Mobile CEO John Legere on Tuesday announced that anyone who purchases an iPhone 6 this summer on the company’s $15-a-month JUMP! On Demand leasing plan can swap their device for an the new iPhone when it comes out later this year. And that’s without having to pay anything more. Simply swap your device, continue to pay the $15-a-month fee, and be on your way.

“Every single customer who gets an iPhone 6 this summer as part of this deal can simply swap it for the next iPhone, if they upgrade before the end of the year,” Legere said. “Just swap it out and pay NOTHING more—nothing up front and no change to your monthly payment. No deposit. No fees. Nothing. You get the next iPhone guaranteed.”

Legere went on to say that the promotion lasts through Labor Day, so you still have some time to really think about it. If you do decide to take advantage of the deal, Legere also added that folks who get an iPhone 6 with JUMP! On Demand will get priority access to the next iPhone.

“If there’s a new iPhone this year, you’re first in line,” Legere said. “When you order your upgrade during the first 48 hours it’s available, we’ll give your order priority and ship it first, along with others who qualify for priority access.”

Legere also added that Apple Music is being added to Music Freedom, which allows T-Mobile customers to stream over 33 services without it counting against their data cap.