Yesterday we covered a note from T-Mobile chief marketing officer Michael Sievert who said that, after T-Mobile began offering a special trade-in promotion for BlackBerry users, the number of trade-ins recognized by T-Mobile increased 15x versus before the promotion. It showed that, at the very least, BlackBerry users were very interested in upgrading to a new device. But were they willing to stay with BlackBerry? Nope.

According to a screenshot obtained by TmoNews, the incredibly popular promotion resulted in 94 percent of all customers “moving to a non-BlackBerry device at upgrade.” It’s odd, because T-Mobile actually created the special promotion after BlackBerry owners voiced anger toward an original ad that suggested they should turn in their devices and upgrade to an iPhone instead. Even BlackBerry CEO John Chen expressed his disgust with T-Mobile’s original marketing message. It definitely backfired on Chen.

Clearly there were a lot of BlackBerry users out there who were ready to make a switch to another platform – otherwise T-Mobile’s figures wouldn’t be so high. Perhaps the influx of users moving to new platforms is due to BBM’s spread to Android and iOS? We doubt it, but they’re leaving BlackBerry for a reason.

T-Mobile’s sale ends today if you’re still interested in partaking in it.