Most of the video gaming world remembers System Shock 2 as a revolutionary game, one that would pave the way for BioShock and the rest of the “smart” FPS games that would follow. Funny thing about remembering that game though is that there is a “2” at the end of it. What about the first System Shock? Nobody remembers or talks about that one.

Well, now we all have a chance to get reacquainted with the 1994 release. has just announced that System Shock Enhanced is available now through its digital network for $9.99. It will be available for 20 percent off for a limited time, and 40 percent off for those who have already bought the System Shock 2 re-release.

System Shock: Enhanced Edition features:
– Higher resolution support: up to 1024×768, and 854×480 widescreen mode.
– Mouselook support added.
– Remappable keys with three profiles to choose from: original controls, custom controls, and lefthanded controls. – Some original game bugs fixed.

  • Rocket through cyberspace to steal information, hack security and grapple with watchdog defense programs enslaved to a maniacal computer.
  • Survive battle after battle against armies of killer cyborgs and deadly robots as you collect hardware attachments, life-sustaining patches and deadly weapons to combat mindless mutants.
  • Test your intelligence by solving puzzles, rewiring access panels and outwitting SHODAN in its own cyber-realm.
  • Enjoy the vastly improved controls and graphics of the Enhanced Edition – or keep your experience as close to the original as possible with the Classic version.

Not bad. I’ll be sure to throw that on the old pile.