Irrational Games groundbreaking first-person shooter, System Shock 2, has finally made its way to Steam. Hopes were high when it was first released for back in February, so those waiting to get it through their preferred digital distribution channel can finally get a chance to play it.

Not only is the game available from today, but early buyers can snag it for the dirt cheap price of $6.99 during its first week. The game will return to $10 on May 18th. If you haven't jumped aboard to see what the hype is all about yet, now is the time to do so. or you can wait for a bigger discount during one of Steam's holiday sales.

System Shock 2 wasn't a hit on release, but it is more well known retrospectively as being the inspiration for Irrational Games massive hit BioShock. Many fans contend that it is actually a superior game that just lacks the modern graphics to put it on even par. The art direction, atmosphere and lead villain more than make up for its technical shortcomings though.

Retrogamers will get the most out of this title, but everyone should give it a shot.