The hype for LittleBigPlanet 3 hasn't quite reached the levels of its PlayStation 3 predecessors, but maybe that will change once some of the beta test content starts making its way to the public.

Developer Media Molecule has a new trailer to show off just that. Two weeks into the beta test and already some wonderful looking games have begun to leak out. "OddSock Derby" looks like a thumpin' good time, but no doubt the star of this video is the recreation of the legendary Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. Sackboy dawns Alucard's long white hair and a black cape before he goes swinging his sword around in a platform heavy castle, and he can even turn into a wolf!

Granted, we aren't exactly sure how huge this remake is or if it matches the original game's scope. Media Molecule wisely shows off just enough of the game to keep its audience guessing and talking, but judging by how hardcore some of the fans are of this series, it very well could have been done.

Plenty of players attempted in remaking Super Mario Bros. 1-1 when the first game came out, so that idea immediately lost all its luster. But a recreation of Dracula's entire castle? That's impressive.

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