The introduction of some pretty major smartphone OS's over the past couple of years seems to have finally caught up with Nokia and their dated Symbian operating system.  WebOS, iPhone OS, Android, and now Windows Phone 7 Series all drastically outshine anything Nokia seems to pump out.  Nokia ships more phones globally than anyone else with the almost half of the worldwide market powered by some version of Symbian.

For the latest OS, Nokia seems to be following the path Android's been blazing with scrollable pages that include wallpaper widgets.  In fact, the video above shows some early UI enhancements and its unmistakably reminiscent of the OS Google built.  While Symbian^4 won't be completed until later this year, it seems they're not trying to create anything mind-blowingly innovative or unique.  Instead, they're just playing a game of catch up in hope that it's "good enough."  I'm not sure if you're aware, Nokia, but Palm is really struggling right now.  WebOS might do you some good, eh?  If you're not going to innovate, might as well adopt what works?

There's another 30 second clip of Symbian^4 available here.