Syberia and its sequel, Syberia II, are a pair of  cult-classic adventure games that released early during the previous generation of consoles. Their lead writer, Benoît Sokal, departed the development team Microids to found his own game company and left the series on a cliffhanger ending, in a fate eerily similar to another popular adventure series from around the same time called The Longest Journey.

Also in line with The Longest Journey, the series’ original creator will be returning to his pet project to finally put close the story properly. Sokal has arranged a deal with the current rights holder Anuman to write the script and get the game completed.

The story follows an American lawyer, Kate Walker, who abandons her stressful life of wrapping up business deals around the world for the chance to aid a creepy old man in uncovering a mysterious island where ancient mammoths are still alive. The series revolves around the unraveling of her engagement and the exotic locations her firm sends to to to wrap up details.

Sokal made the announcement via Facebook.

“I’m very pleased to be creating another Kate Walker adventure and working with Anuman Interactive’s teams on the project. I created the first two episodes of Syberia with Elliot, so I’m also really happy to be able to create this new one with him and illustrate the evolution of Anuman as a significant player in the adventure games industry.”

Anuman is aiming for a multi-platform release sometime in 2014-2015, so don’t expect this sequel any time soon.

[via V247]