Swype on Android

Android users who are participating in the Swype beta program can now enjoy a new update from Nuance that adds a number of "hotly requested features," including support for the latest Ice Cream Sandwich operating system and Dragon Go! integration.

The company announced the update in a post on its Nuance Mobile Life website, and promises all Swype users should receive the latest release through the software's built-in update process by the end of this week. While you may still stumble across a few "hard-to-find bugs" under Ice Cream Sandwich, Nuance believes it's a good time to push the update out to its users:

Ice Cream Sandwich users rejoice! Swype now officially supports ICS!  This initial release for ICS may still contain a few, hard-to-find bugs, but we know how much you've been asking for it, so we figured it was time to let the beast out of its cage.

In addition to Ice Cream Sandwich support, Swype now features Nuance's Dragon Go! software, which allows you to make quick web searches using your voice. Simply tap and hold the Dragon Go! button to search for information from Wolfram Alpha, restaurant reviews from Yelp, movie showtimes from Fandango, and lots more.

You'll need to have the standalone Dragon Go! app — which is available from the Android Market for free — installed to enjoy voice searching. So remember to grab this before you attempt to use the feature.

If you already have the latest Swype update, what do you think of its new features?

[via GigaOM]