SwiftKey 3 Android

Great news if you're already running Android 4.1 Jelly Bean on your Samsung Galaxy Nexus: SwiftKey 3, arguably the best third-party keyboard for Android, now has full support for Jelly Bean thanks to its latest update.

Android 4.1 already has some terrific keyboard improvements, and now offers predictive text right out of the box. So for some of you, there may be no need for SwiftKey anymore. But those who have gotten used to it can now continue to use it under Jelly Bean safe in the knowledge that's it's fully compatible.

In addition to Jelly Bean support, the version update brings some user interface fixes, including a fix for missing secondary characters, and a fix for predictions not appearing in popups; and other bug fixes.

SwiftKey 3 for tablets also got updated yesterday — presumably with the same features — but its release notes don't mention Jelly Bean compatibility. It could support the new Google Nexus 7, then, but we can't be certain. And unfortunately I don't have a Nexus 7 to test it.

If you have and you use SwiftKey, let us know if Jelly Bean on tablets is supported by leaving a comment below.

You can find the latest version of SwiftKey 3 in Google Play now.

Google Play link: Swift Key 3 (Smartphones) | SwiftKey 3 (Tablets)

[via The Verge]