iPad 4G - North America Only

Australian's aren't the only ones feeling misled by Apple's claims that the new iPad runs on 4G networks — Sweden may also soon investigate the firm's marketing practices. Marek Andersson from the Swedish Consumer Agency told the Wall Street Journal on Wednesday that it has already received complaints from several of Apple's customers that are upset over the false 4G marketing claims.

"One may rightfully ask if the marketing of the new iPad is misleading," Mr. Andersson said. "The question is whether this information is clear enough in Apple's marketing." Apple's iPad does indeed support 4G LTE networks, but only those available in North America. The Cupertino-based company sent e-mails out to its Australian customers on Wednesday offering full refunds for the device. We wouldn't be surprised if it issues the same e-mail to Swedish customers should the number of complaints begin to increase.

[via The Wall Street Journal]