Swatch on Monday confirmed that it will begin selling its first smartwatch in early 2016.

The watch is dubbed “Bellamy,” and it will feature contactless payments that will allow users to buy goods right from their wrist. This is similar to what’s already possible with devices such as the Gear S2 and the Apple Watch but, unlike those watches, the Bellamy doesn’t feature a digital display or apps.

Swatch discussed the Bellamy briefly in a release announcing a partnership with Visa for the payments. The company said the Bellamy will work with Visa cards in Switzerland, Brazil and the United States, and those are first markets the Bellamy will be sold.

The company didn’t provide many other details on its first smartwatch, only noting that “Bellamy” was named after American writer Edward Bellamy who “envisioned a utopian world in which cash has been replaced by credit/debit cards.” The Bellamy was first announced in October, and you can check out a few photos of it above.