Apple is finally starting to open up its smartphone software for third-party developers with iOS 8, and there are plenty that take advantage of widgets and interactive notifications. Now, Foursquare is pushing out a Swarm update to enter the fray.

The company announced Swarm version 1.3 today, rolling out an iOS 8 widget that lets you track your friends and check-in from the notification center. You can even access the new widget without unlocking your phone, as long as you haven’t blocked access to the notification center from the lockscreen.

swarm ios 8 widget

To set up the new Swarm widget, make sure you’re running the latest version of the app. Then open the Today tab in the notification center and tap on “edit” to add new widgets. It’s that simple.

Interestingly, Swarm doesn’t offer a comparable widget for Android, and the company isn’t revealing whether a similar Android update is in the works, but it might not be entirely necessary with the option to add widgets to your homescreen instead.