Swamp Thing has been canceled after just one season on DC Universe.

A number of outlets have confirmed the bad news, with no official reasoning behind the decision. The show's cancelation comes on the heels of a report that claimed the first season was cut from 13 episodes to 10.

The decision to cancel the show is puzzling considering the outpouring of support from critics and fans, who have praised the show for its horror and care for the source material.

Writer John Gholson points out that a major reason Swamp Thing was shuttered came down to cost. Gholson has a lengthy Twitter thread explaining what happened.

Swamp Thing follows Abby Arcane, who upon returning home to Marais, Louisiana, discovers a deadly swamp-borne virus and mystical properties in the town's swamp.

While this is sad news for fans of Swamp Thing, DC Universe is home to other fantastic shows, including Doom Patrol, so there's plenty of content to watch.

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DC Universe may have had a slow start compared to other streaming services, but it features some fantastic shows, including Doom Patrol.