In the lead up to the iPhone 8, there has been much talk about whether or not Apple customer’s are willing to spend $1,000 on a smartphone. Well, a new survey asked Apple customers what they thought, and the answer may surprise you.

A new survey by Fluent surveyed more than 2,000 U.S. consumers to see if they’d be willing to upgrade to the new iPhone or possibly defect to Samsung.

A sizable 79-percent of iPhone owners surveyed said they will get an iPhone when they upgraded next. Only 5-percent of iPhone owners plan on switching to Android.

Android, on the other hand, struggles with loyalty. Samsung scored the best results among Android OEMs, with 61-percent loyalty.

The survey also looked ahead to see what iPhone owners think of spending $1,000 on an iPhone. Obviously they didn’t embrace the price hike with open arms, but it was a lot warmer than you’d expect. Of the surveyed iPhone owners, 40-percent are planning on paying up for the iPhone 8. About 66-percent did agree the price was quite high but 70-percent stated they won’t switch to a competitor under any reason, even the price.

The findings not only showed strong Apple loyalty, but a quicker embrace of the $1,000 iPhone. Earlier this week, Barclays predicted only 18-percent of iPhone owners would pay the steep price, but the survey revealed a much different sentiment.

These are very early studies, but it bodes well for Apple that some customers are already willing to upgrad to the iPhone 8. It’s hard not to imagine that number rising once Apple begins selling customers on the iPhone 8’s crazy new features, including edge-to-edge display, facial recognition and wireless charging.