If you had to choose, which would you rather give up for a week: sex or your mobile phone? Turns out, according to a new report from Telenav, about a third of Americans would pick the former rather than ditch their cellies for the same amount of time.

The navigation software company wanted to find out how important mobiles are to people, and so in July, it polled 514 U.S. users about their behaviors and whether they’d give up certain things instead of their cell phones. Telenav surveyors found that 33 percent picked the celebate option, as well as foregoing alcohol (70 percent) and chocolate (63 percent), among other things. Interesting that only one-fifth would give up their computers, though — or shoes, for some inexplicable reason.

What is predictable is that smartphone users are mighty attached to their devices: Not only did two-thirds (or 66 percent) admit to sleeping next to their handset, but 1 in 5 would actually prefer to go a week without seeing their significant other rather than give up their phones for that week.

Crazy results, but at least we can be reasonably sure that this report’s not a fake. Unlike the Aptiquant hoax, Telenav is a genuine company — one of the leaders in the nav software field, in fact. And look — they even made a spiffy infographic. There are other interesting bits in this survey — like how more iPhoners (83 percent) and Androiders (70 percent) think other users of their respective platforms would yield the best romantic partners, while only 48 percent of Blackberry owners feel this way.

For even more insights from the poll, scroll down for the infographic and press release.

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Survey Finds One-Third of Americans More Willing to Give Up Sex Than Their Mobile Phones

TeleNav survey examines Americans’ attachment to mobile phones; finds iPhone users are least willing to let go of their devices

Sunnyvale, California — August 3, 2011 — Results of a recent national survey* commissioned by TeleNav, Inc. (NASDAQ: TNAV) indicate that Americans are willing to give up some of life’s greatest pleasures in order to hang on to their mobile phones. Not surprisingly, smartphone users were more attached to their devices than were feature phone users, with iPhone users leading the pack. In fact, iPhone users were more likely than their Android or BlackBerry counterparts to spend a week without their significant other, exercise or shoes—rather than go a week without their phone.

While 22 percent of all respondents said they would rather give up their toothbrush than their phone for a week, this number jumped to a whopping 40 percent among iPhone users. Halitosis and other priority quirks aside, 83 percent of iPhone users thought other iPhone users would make the best romantic partners.

Even among feature phone users, however, TeleNav’s survey showed respondents’ strong attachment to their mobile phones. Nearly half of all respondents said they sleep with their phone next to them, including 38 percent of feature phone users and 66 percent of smartphone users.

From differences between iPhone, Android, and BlackBerry users to the snap judgments people make based on the type of phone someone carries, TeleNav’s latest survey sheds light on just how important mobile phones have become in Americans’ lives.

How willing are you . . .

Life is full of simple pleasures, so having to choose between one of those many pleasures—such as coffee, caffeine or even sex—and your mobile phone can be difficult.

  • One-third of all respondents would be more willing to give up sex for a week than their mobile phone.
    – Of the respondents who indicated they would be more willing to give up sex than their mobile phone for a week, 70% were women.
  • 54% of all respondents would be more willing to give up exercise for a week than their mobile phone.
  • So what about our guilty pleasures? 55% of respondents would be more willing to give up caffeine for a week than their mobile phone, 63% would be more willing to give up chocolate, and 70% would be willing to forego alcohol.
  • One in five respondents are more willing to go shoeless than phoneless for a week.
    – iPhone users (43%) were more likely to say they’d go a week without shoes than Android users (27%) or BlackBerry users (25%).
Smartphone vs. Feature Phone

As more Americans jump on the smartphone bandwagon, results of TeleNav’s survey indicate that a person’s choice in phones may impact some of their daily behaviors.

  • It appears the phones we choose may also reflect our manners, as 26% of smartphone users admitted to using their phone frequently at the dinner table, compared with just 6% of feature phone users.
  • Some couples may find themselves saying it’s either me or the phone. 22% of smartphone users said they’d rather go a week without seeing their significant other than to have to forfeit their phone compared to just 14% of feature phone users.
  • How do we value our phones over other technologies? Smartphone owners were twice as likely as feature phone users to choose their phone over their laptop/computer.
  • Smartphone users were three times more likely to admit that they judge people based on the type of phone they carry.
OS Showdown

Survey results suggest that not only does the type of phone a person uses reflect the choices they make, but also the smartphone operating system they choose.

  • iPhone users were twice as likely than Android users to have spent more than $40 on apps for their current phone.
  • Nearly half of Android users said their phone reflects their overall sense of style—more than iPhone users (35%). 43% of BlackBerry users felt their phones reflected their overall sense of style.
  • While a strong majority of iPhone users (83%) thought other iPhone users would make the best romantic partners, and a strong majority of Android users (70%) selected other Android users, only 48% of BlackBerry users thought other BlackBerry users would make for the best romantic partners.