It’s no secret that women are the power users when it comes to social media. But are their topics of choice actually any different than those of men? Yes, says a study from, a social media hub geared specifically for families and close personal friends.

Users on Proust asked their loved ones a range of questions via the website, and then the results — based on gender and how men and women answered the various questions — were laid out in this spiffy infographic.

Maybe some could’ve predicted that women were far more likely to talk about love songs, but they’re also more likely to talk about partying than men. And it turns out that guys were twice as likely to chew over the parenthood topic than women, at least in close circles. Of course, this isn’t just about differences. There’s also common ground here too. Seems that both men and women like to talk about weddings and their careers. So much for the stereotypes.

For more results, hit the infographic below.

[via Social Times, source]