The Surface Pro 4 is available in multiple configurations and with three different processors, including the Intel Core m3, the Intel Core i5 and the Intel Core i7. The Core m3 processor is the least powerful of the bunch, but that also means it allows the Surface Pro 4 to operate without a fan. In the latest teardown, we get a look at what that looks like.

iFixit published its Surface Pro 4 teardown on Tuesday, showing us all of the guts inside Microsoft’s new laptop/tablet hybrid. The team found that Microsoft made a few changes to the design, even though on the surface (ahem, pun) the device is only slightly lighter and smaller. Two cables attach the display instead of one, and the screen is just 4mm thick — even though we found the PixelSense tech to be much more impressive than the display on the Surface Pro 3.

The most impressive part, we think, is the fanless design. iFixit provided a photo, in the gallery above, that shows where the processor fan usually sits. On this Core m3 model, however, a fan isn’t needed. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen a fanless Core M processor; in fact, that’s the whole benefit of Core M, but it’s impressive nonetheless.

Check out a gallery of the full teardown above.