Microsoft has rolled out another firmware update for the Surface Pro 3 that promises to finally fix its battery woes for good. The tablet has been plagued with power issues since back in July, but Microsoft’s previous fixes have done little to alleaviate them.

Since the battery issues were introduced, Surface Pro 3 owners have found that their device only lasts for a short amount of time without being plugged into its charger. In some cases, it’s as little as an hour of use before the battery is dead.

Microsoft rolled out one fix in late August, but another battery issue surfaced again a month later. Now the company is rolling out a firmware update that promises to eliminate battery issues for good. It has also changed its policy on out-of-warranty exchanges.

“At the beginning of the Surface Pro 3 battery problems, there were conspiracy theories that Microsoft purposely induced the issue, given that it started happening immediately after the warranty period for the Surface Pro 3 expired,” explains SlashGear.

“Quelling those accusations, Microsoft refunded owners who already paid for an out-of-warranty exchange for the device. However, Microsoft initially refused to acknowledge the second wave of complaints. But now that it has done so, it is also giving a refund for those affected by it, though it says it has already contacted owners privately.”

If you have a Surface Pro 3 that’s suffering from terrible battery life, then, it’s time to update!