Several users posting in Microsoft’s support forms claim the Surface Pro 3 is experiencing widespread battery issues that have gone unfixed since at least May. Some reports claim the hybrid device, released in 2014, is only getting about an hour of battery life following a full charge. Microsoft said it is investigating what’s causing the problem.

In a statement to The Verge, Microsoft didn’t indicate as to why users are experiencing issues, saying finding a fix is the company’s “top priority.” Users who own a Surface Pro 3 hit by battery issues are being urged to contact Microsoft customer support. However, as The Verge notes, customers who have contacted Microsoft’s customer support haven’t been provided with any answers.

One user, Kridsada Thanabulpong, said he noticed significant battery degradation shortly after his machine’s warranty expired.

I’ve been using Microsoft Surface Pro 3 for a year, and shortly after the warranty expired I noticed my Surface Pro 3 can only last about 1-2 hours after a full charge. At first I thought this was a problem with background process draining the battery so I disabled everything running in the background. It didn’t [help].

Several other users in the same thread are reporting similar issues, saying Microsoft has been unresponsive when contacted about the problem.

It’s worth noting that many Surface Pro 3 owners reporting battery issues seem to own the model equipped with SIMPLO batteries; other Surface Pro 3 models are equipped with LG batteries though those appear to be operating as expected. Whether Microsoft can simply introduce a software fix to better optimize the battery is unclear.

The point of the Surface Pro 3 is to provide users with a portable machine that gives users the flexibility to work at home and on the go. If some units are only getting about an hour of battery, that obviously brings productivity to a halt. We’ll be sure to update you if Microsoft comes up with a proper fix.