Microsoft doesn't mind ruffling someone's feathers. Its advertisements are always taking shots at the competition, and the Redmond-based company does so in a not-so-subtle tone. The latest ad features the Surface Go and Apple's iPad. Without hesitation, Microsoft calls out the iPad for being too childish.

The ad begins with a grandmother and her granddaughter walking up to a Microsoft Store. Immediately, the youngster spots Microsoft's Surface Go. So she breaks out into song about how, rather than an iPad, she wants a Surface Go to have "a real computer" to do "amazing things" like coding.

It's a remix based on "Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer." The original song by Elmo & Patsy was released in 1979.

No matter which brand and products you prefer, Microsoft pulled off a clever ad. It's no secret that you'll be more productive on a Surface than an iPad. Even Apple's iPad Pro falls short of expectations in that regard.

Here's the entire ad:

As for pricing, the Surface Go and the iPad aren't in the same territory. While Microsoft's compact hybrid device starts at $399 and requires a keyboard as a separate purchase, the iPad lands at $329 for the most basic configuration. Then again, that highlights the gap between these two products. You'll get more work done on the Surface Go, but the iPad has more apps and games.

We'll see how consumers respond during the holidays. Apple's taken a hit on hardware, and Microsoft has seen its Surface lineup add big revenue to its bottom line. Stay tuned for Q4 2018 earnings reports next year.