The Surface Book’s unique design comes with a big tradeoff: you’re not going to be able to repair it easily on your own, so get ready to pony up some extra cash for an extended warranty.

iFixit recently finished poking and prodding Microsoft’s new powerhouse tablet/laptop/awesome-machine and found that, while the Surface Book has some incredible engineering to get everything to fit, the puzzle-like interior is too complicated for a regular Joe to fix.

The site explained that the LCD is fused to the glass panel, the processor and RAM are soldered to the motherboard, and the batteries, cover and screen are all glued into place. Worse, iFixit says you’d probably need to remove the motherboard just to “replace simple components.” It ultimately gave the Surface Book a score of 1/10 for reparability.

It’s not really awful news, given that you should probably ask Microsoft to fix any issues you run into with such an expensive machine, but it might be a bummer for folks who like to save money by doing it themselves. Hit the source for a deeper dive.