lg-nexus-leakWithout the company officially saying so, we have a pretty good idea that LG is preparing a Nexus phone based on its Optimus G. I mean, its specs are all over the Web, and a previous report claimed the device was already being tested. Seems whoever is in possession of said testing unit couldn't wait to share the secret handset.

A collection of revealing photos posted at the XDA developers forums show off precisely what the LG Nexus looks like, icluding a picture of the handset's About screen for good measure. Everything looks pretty slick, and seems to favor an all glass design similar to — come on, it's unavoidable — an iPhone 4/4S. It definitely looks thin, and consistently keeps a full-black motif throughout, which is nice.

The model's number is apparently "Full JellyBean on Mako," which is consistent with other internal fish-named Nexus handsets, Android Central said. It certainly looks a lot like the Optimus G, just like previous reports suggested. If this is the kind of device we can expect — good design and the most up-to-date version of Android — then LG will certainly have a pretty fantastic handset. We'll see what else develops as we edge closer to the handset's supposed mid-November launch schedule.

[via AndroidCentral]