Galaxy S III render

I wouldn’t be surprised to see a spin-off of Animal Planet’s Finding Big Foot series called “Finding the Galaxy S III.” The device has teased at the brains of tech-lovers everywhere, but up to this point all the rumors have amounted to zilch – therefore it’s more myth than an actual existing product. Still, when we see a render, or what’s being claimed to be a render, we can’t help but get excited.

The new photo acquired by PhoneArena displays all the usual trimmings: thin frame, bright screen, front-facing cam, TouchWiz and a mysterious date pointing to March 22. That’s next Thursday! So what could it mean? Judging from how the previous rumors have played out, we’d guess it means absolutely nothing.

Well… Russian blogger Eldar Murtazin – who has had a hit or miss track record – tweeted just a few days ago that the Galaxy S III design had been finalized and ready to go into production. So that must mean it’s coming soon, right? Murtazin also revealed Samsung settled on ceramic for its build materials, but that calls into question the render’s legitimacy as it looks a little too plastic for our taste.

Everything that’s being said is pure speculation, of course, so here are the facts: there are none. Here’s what’s being rumored: Android 4.x Ice Cream Sandwich, 4.8-inch HD Super AMOLED Plus display, quad-core 1.5-1.8 GHz Exynos 4412 processor, 12-megapixel rear camera, HD front cam, 7mm thick, ceramic casing and a new targeted release date for June.

The device has been rumored for a specific timeframe and subsequently debunked by Samsung more times than we can count. One thing is for sure, though: the Galaxy S III is highly sought after. So much so, that Murtazin claimed Samsung received a record number of pre-orders from retailers in anticipation of the device’s arrival.

If the render is to be trusted, then hopefully we’ll know more concrete details once March 22 hits.

[via Android and Me]