Last week we learned new details surrounding Amazon's rumored foray into the smartphone market. Inside, the initiative is reportedly referred to as "Project Aria." Several reports have suggested Amazon is working to push the smartphone out to consumers this year, and a new report from Digitimes corroborates those claims and adds a bit more to the story.

The news outlet again says that Amazon will release the smartphone in 2014 and noted that the supply chain is gearing up for component orders from Amazon. The online retailer will need to order displays, memory, radio components and more, and will also have to partner with a manufacturer to build the device.

Past rumors have suggested that Amazon has tapped HTC to build as many as three smartphones, though it's unclear if those talks were finalized or fell apart completely. Orders for the device are expected sometime this month, Digitimes said. The news outlet did not have any input on possible specs but reiterated earlier rumors that it may offer a 5-inch display, a Snapdragon 800 processor and a 13-megapixel camera.

If Amazon is indeed starting to put together the pieces for a smartphone, we hope to see some leaks and new information surface in the coming weeks and months. Strategically, Amazon may do best to hold out for any announcement until the time just before the holidays. Apple will likely announce its next iPhone in September, which could steal a bit of Amazon's thunder, but October and November announcements would leave the phone with enough time to crop up on holiday shopping lists.