The Supertooth DISCO 2: Bluetooth stereo speakers can be paired via A2DP Bluetooth-supported devices or through a audio plug. The DISCO 2 advertises a NiMH battery pack that holds up to 1,500 standby, 10 medium volume, and 3 to 4 high volume hours of use. So you can take the DISCO 2 essentially anywhere. I found the battery life estimates to be accurate and enjoyed that it took only 2 hours to charge. No matter how "great" cellphone or tablet speakers sound, there is no substitute for great standalone speakers. The DISCO 2 speakers fill that void without breaking the bank. Great for outdoor use, if you're grilling outside, by the pool or wanting to play some music around your home, its versatile enough to go anywhere with enough battery life to last most get togethers.

Bluetooth Pairing/Connectivity

Paring and set-up was pretty easy, just follow the directions and you're ready to go in just a few seconds. I paired it to my laptop, iPhone, iPad, Galaxy Note II all without any issues. The DISCO 2 utilizes Bluetooth 4.0, which explains the long standby times that will tell the speaker to turn on or sleep when you need it to.

Supertooth claims the DISCO 2's range is about 10 meters, or just shy of 33 Feet or 11 yards. I found that I was achieving slightly longer range than advertised. However, be advised these ranges go out the window if you expect to broadcast from your computer or mobile device in different rooms, through walls.

You can control your media player with volume, play/pause, next and previous buttons and they are pretty responsive. The only thing I wished players like these included is a volume indicator on the device. That is just my personal preference.


Sound Quality


The sound quality is OK, not spectacular compared to other speakers on the market, but not bad. You can expect to pay triple for superior sound quality. I partly blame Bluetooth broadcasting limitations for not offering more superior sounds, but they do a fine job for casual listening. Though, its got a lot more bass that your tiny phone/tablet/laptop offers. And the DISCO 2 can get really loud, surprisingly loud, considering its size and cost.

The DISCO 2 can get really loud, surprisingly loud, considering its size and cost.

Build Quality


The build quality is fairly sturdy for being a nearly all plastic enclosure. You will be fine to carry it around from one outdoor party to the pool and wherever else and wont feel like it will fall apart in your hands. Design wise, I think it is pretty sharp, it certainly stand out as looking nicer than other wireless speakers that typically look like clunky bricks. You can stick it in the corner of a room and it won't be the posterchild of ugly.


The SuperTooth DISCO 2 is a nice basic stereo Bluetooth speaker that is priced nicely (under $100), below the average Bluetooth speaker ($200-$400). It's extremely versatile and gives enough sound and "oomph" for even outdoor uses. It pairs easily and works well with all the devices we tried. For worry free companion speakers to complement your mobile or desktop needs the DISCO 2 is a decent buy that won't break the bank.

3 out of 5