Warning: NSFW Gore Within.

It’s rare that I can both really enjoy a YouTube video and kind of want to throw up a little bit after watching it. That’s the case with this excellent Super Smash Bros x Mortal Kombat clip. I love it, and I love how nauseous it makes me.

It’s the sound effects that push it over the top.

The clip comes from Sterling, who says it “didn’t take long to make, but turned out pretty decent.” I agree. The creator went on with some shocked awe in the clips view count and response. It’s currently at 158,720 views and rising.

Thanks SO much for the support on this everyone! I though when it got 100 views it would stop… boy, was I wrong. I will definitely make a sequel, and I’ll take any suggestions as well. Stay tuned!

I’ll watch the sequel, for sure. I just need to look at some happy Super Smash Bros. images in order to remember the good times first. Here’s a pile.