Nintendo apparently likes DLC these days. No more of the hands-off approach, treating it like a germ. Mario Kart 8 and Hyrule Warriors have both seen very well received DLC packs, but I think it’s safe to say that Super Smash Bros. is where most gamers want to see Nintendo focus its efforts.

And they shall be rewarded for their patience! Director Masahiro Sakurai has stated that more Super Smash Bros. characters are on the way, and my guess is Nintendo will continue to develop them until people stop buying them.

So far, we’ve seen Mewtwo, Roy, Ryu and Lucas added on top of initial roster. Mewtwo was of course a special bonus character for those who bought both the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U versions of the game. Nintendo charged those who didn’t. Roy, Ryu and Lucas more recently went live at E3 this year, and response has been positive for all three characters. I haven’t sunk enough time into Super Smash Bros. recently to justify snagging them up, but I might someday.

However, Roy, Ryu and Lucas were not the result of the open poll fans use to vote on characters. Sakurai has confirmed that all three were in development before the poll went live, meaning Nintendo has not taken our direct input yet for its character choices. Seeing as how third-party characters are now a “thing” in Super Smash Bros., maybe we’ll eventually see Rayman after all!

I’m still pulling for Shovel Knight, Andy, Max or Sami from Advance Wars, and Simon Belmont.

So now that Nintendo loves DLC, do you think it will also eventually fall in love with “Game of the Year” editions? Buy the game and all the DLC for just $80!