As we enter July, we are effectively one month away from the finalized version of Super Smash Bros. being released on the Nintendo 3DS. We currently sit at 33 playable character representing almost all of Nintendo’s most prosperous and popular franchises.

However, as the clock ticks closer and closer to release date, some fans are still sweating it out for a final few announcements to confirm their favorite character from previous games. I traditionally use Mario in Super Smash Bros. meaning I was never in danger of my favorite character not making the list.

But still, there are plenty of faces from previous games I really want to appear and play as, but Nintendo has remained quiet on them.

Who are the remaining characters from the older games, and will they make it or not? We’ll run through the roster once again and give our verdict on if a character will or won’t, should or shouldn’t appear again.

The Sure Bets

There is only one character I am sure will pop up in the coming month.


Why he should appear: He is the most likely to get a confirmation within the coming months. I’m surprised we haven’t see him yet.

Wario is everything that a spin-off joke gets right. This is evidenced by him surpassing everything Nintendo had planned for the character at his inception, and starring in his own fabulous series of games. He was also a popular choice in Brawl thanks to his goofy fighting style.

Why he might not appear: I can’t find any reason for him not to. Wario is an immensely popular character in the Nintendo universe, far more than Waluigi who even makes an appearance as a support trophy, and keeping him out would be a downright shame.

The Original Trio

These three have appeared as playable characters in every Super Smash Bros. game to date, and that reason alone should be enough to secure them a spot in the latest game.

Captain Falcon

Why he should appear: “Falcon Punch!” is about as iconic as Super Smash Bros. moves get. No Captain Falcon, no “Falcon Punch!” Plus, he is the only representation of Nintendo’s classic racing series F-Zero we’ll ever see in again.

Why he might not appear: Nintendo would rather you forget about the whole F-Zero thing from now on. Why? Because everything that made those games special has been scrapped and crammed into Mario Kart 8, a far more successful franchise. There is no point in making two games with the same ideas when one is naturally going to sell more.

Plus, Nintendo creative lead Shigeru Miyamoto has stated he has no ideas for the franchise, so this lack of enthusiasm for F-Zero might be the death of Captain Falcon in Super Smash Bros.


Why he should appear: It has been a banner year for the venomous relationship between Nintendo and Earthbound fans. No, we don’t have an “officially” licensed version of Mother 3 yet, nor do we need one I think, but Nintendo has finally released Earthbound on Virtual Console. Why ruin this peaceful ceasefire?

Ness in Super Smash Bros. has always been a popular character, and like Captain Falcon, its the only place we will probably see him appear for quite some time.

Why he might not appear: Well, because Nintendo went ahead and released Earthbound on Virtual Console. If Ness doesn’t appear in Super Smash Bros, then it already has a fallback example it can point to when the Earthbound fans come out with their pitchforks again.

I’m onto you, Nintendo. Can’t hide it from me!


Why he should appear: Because he’s Jigglypuff. He’s home to some of the most powerful attacks in previous games, and this version of Super Smash Bros. is severely lacking in the “cute” Pokemon on the grand stage.

Why he might not appear: There are so many other Pokemon options for the kids these days. Jigglypuff isn’t half as recognizable to younger generations as he was to us older folks, and it seems that Pokemon is all about being “cool” rather than “cute” for the modern age.

Lucario, Charizard, Greninja are all about kicking butt and taking names, not making people go “awwww.” Do the Nintendo kids need “cute” anymore? Speaking of which!

A Few Remainders

Here are a few more fan favorites which might have a small shot. At the very least, I’d like to see them appear, but I can live without them.


Why he should appear: Like I said, Pokemon is all about the violent and more dangerous monsters these days, and is there anybody more destructive than the one and only Mewtwo? He fits in perfectly with the other Pokemon in the game, and fans are still a little miffed about him being scrapped in Brawl.

Why he might not appear: Mewtwo is iconic to older chumps like me for being the most powerful Pokemon, but he’s now just a pick of the litter in terms of legendary Pokemon. Nintendo doesn’t need him when there are more familiar faces these days, and it probably doesn’t want to fulfill the obligations for Mega Evolution for yet another Pokemon outside of Lucario.

For Mewtwo, it would have to create two additional characters in that regard.


Why he should appear: The Legend of Zelda is one everyone’s mind right now. We have Hyrule Warriors and the announcement of a new full-blown HD game on the Wii U. Sure, he’s been side-stepped for other villains recent memory, but leaving out the series’ most iconic villain while Zelda is in the limelight again.

Brawl also gave him the chance to evolve from being more than just a Captain Falcon clone, and he passed with flying colors.

Why he might not appear: Hard to imagine why he wouldn’t appear, but Nintendo has been tight lipped on Ganondorf. All I can think is that he didn’t appear in The Skyward Sword, and Nintendo has been focusing more on other villains lately.

He might be a little too iconic for his own good.


Why he should appear: Nintendo had a new Star Fox at E3 this past year, so it would be wise to keep its second most popular character in the limelight. Falco is the best kind of sidekick, unflinchingly loyal, but not willing to kiss the boots of his leader to the bitter end.

He’s the Raphael to Fox’s Leonardo. He’s always challenged his boss, and much like Ganondorf, he rose to the challenge when given the chance to be more than just a clone.

Why he might not appear: Star Fox isn’t nearly as popular as it once was. It’s a shame to admit, but the days of Star Fox 64 are now a distant memory, and Nintendo might not want to sacrifice a character slot for a series that only “might” recover on the Wii U.

Meta Knight

Why he should appear: Meta Knight is incredibly popular with Kirby fans, perhaps even more-so than the series’ main antagonist King Dedede. I guess we can thank the evil sword and mysterious helmet for that.

Plus, Meta Knight also generally accepted as the highest tier character in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. It would make a lot of professional fans upset to lose that. It might make a lot of fans happy as well to not have to fight against Meta Knight anymore.

Why Meta Knight might not appear: As mentioned, he just might have been too difficult to balance in the new game without making huge sacrifices. Meta Knight hasn’t appeared in too many other Kirby games lately either.

Ice Climbers

Why they should appear: ONLY for the sake of completing mostly completing Melee’s line-up show these guys appear again. Despite not liking them in the least, I’ll agree they are a pretty big part of the Super Smash Bros. universe and the sole representative of a Nintendo franchise.

You’ll never see them again if they don’t make the cut.

Why they might not appear: Is that such a bad thing? Super Smash Bros. Melee was responsible for a case of both good and evil misplaced nostalgia. Good for awakening Westerners to the Fire Emblem series, and evil for tricking gamers’ mind into believing that Ice Climbers was anything but an awful game.

Maybe it’s time for that false nostalgia to finally die. As Smash Bros. fans know though, they won’t stay dead unless you kill both though.

Not Gonna Happen

Sorry, but I don’t think these guys will be making the cut, and I‘ll give a brief explanation why.

Solid Snake: Third party roster is already healthily represented, and Konami is busy hyping his next game on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The days of Twin Snakes on the GameCube are now nearly a decade old.

Pokemon Trainer: Because Charizard appears as his own character.

Young Link: Is there anybody who prefers Young Link over Toon Link? He didn’t even make the cut in Brawl.

Roy: Nintendo has settled with Ike. I still think Fire Emblem would have been better represented with a female character like Lynn to battle alongside Marth.

Pichu: Too cute, popularity in decline, didn’t appear in Brawl.

R.O.B.: This was a goofy idea, but nothing beyond a novelty. I’d be upset if one of the characters I wanted was sacrificed for this joke again.

Lucas: Nintendo puts two Mother characters in a game again? Yeah, right! I’m still nervous about the thought of even getting one!

Wolf: Nintendo can find better villains than this in its library somewhere.

Dr. Mario: Should be a fun alternate costume for Mario, but that’s about it.

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