Nintendo officially took the wraps off its latest iteration of Smash Bros dubbed Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. And there’s no denying it has the most smash for your buck as Nintendo put it. It will feature every single character in the game’s history, counting over 60 fighters. Everyone from Mario to Samus to Link along with special edition DLC characters like Ryu and Snake.

One of the biggest announcements that came of Nintendo’s E3 presentation for Smash Bros. Ultimate was that it is a brand new game and not a port like many had assumed. Each character has been slightly revised from past versions to enhance not just how they look, but also how they play.

Among the major additions is the inclusion of Cappy from Super Mario Odyssey, Ridley from the Metroid series and Link is now wearing his Hylian tunic from Breath of the Wild.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will be available on December 7, 2018 for the Nintendo Switch.