Nintendo is dead in the water, huh? The company has shared a few sales statistics to combat that diminishing belief, showing off the success of its two latest booming endeavors.

The Wii U’s mega hit Super Smash Bros. is doing quite well for itself in the States sitting at a very comfortable 1.5 million sales. We only have worldwide sales of the Wii U to base an attachment rate on, but with the console sitting at 9.2 million consoles worldwide, Nintendo’s fighting game can boast a decent attachment rate.

Mario Kart 8 is still the king of that statistic though.

As for amiibo, we know that Nintendo’s little gamble has been a runaway success. Whether they are being bought by genuine fans or greedy scalpers, the figurine line has sold 3.5 million throughout the United States and has made the Big N a whole lot of profit. Future waves of the figurines, including the Mario cast all over again with Mario Party 10, only help to ensure amiibo’s success for a few years to come.

Nintendo also reports that Wii U’s hardware sales also increased 20 percent over February last year.