Nintendo has updated the official Super Smash Bros. website to include the three latest fighters to join the fight: Mii Fighter, Lady Palutena and Pac-Man.

For those who do not know, Lady Palutena is the goddess who watches over Pitt from Kid Icarus: Uprising. Her green hair and extravagant gown almost make her look like a Fire Emblem character, hence why she appears in a screenshots with Prince Marth. Plus, Kirby digs her hairdoo as well.

As a bonus, I’ve also uploaded her excellent hand-drawn reveal trailer Nintendo showed off during its E3 Nintendo Direct presentation.

The other newest addition, Mii Fighter is, naturally, you! Now with the power of Nintendo Network, your own personalized avatar can be uploaded into the game and throw down with Nintendo’s most recognizable faces. Take on one of three generic classes, Brawler, Sword Masters, and Gunner, and see how well you stand up to the best and the brightest.

Pac-Man brings both his Pac-World design and original arcade aesthetic to the battle, and his weapons extend to classic Namco arcade sprites. Looks awesome, especially for retro arcade enthusiasts. That’s a bit before my time, but I’m still interested in seeing their incorporation.

Altogether, Super Smash Bros. is home to 33 characters, and a handful of the classic line-up are still missing. How high are we going to go?

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