The latest patch for Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros. has just confirmed the existence of two characters that had only been hinted at in the past. YouTube users TripleXero and MemeScreen have dug up footage for both Roy and Ryu.

First up, Nintendo’s own swordslinger Roy will be joining the fray, joining his Fire Emblem cohorts Prince Marth, Ike, Lucina and Robin. I had no idea Fire Emblem would be this big, but looking at the roster count, only Mario and Pokemon outnumber its now five characters. That figure even ties with with The Legend of Zelda! Not bad for a series that Nintendo has seen as an afterthought in the West for the past two and a half decades.

Roy’s our boy! He hasn’t appeared in the franchise since Super Smash Bros. Melee, and I’ll be happy to use him again.

Perhaps the more exciting news though is that Nintendo and Capcom have struck another deal to bring over Street Fighter’s Ryu to chuck around some Hadokens. Capcom is at no loss since Street Fighter V won’t be an option on the Wii U console. Why not? Excellent choice since Street Fighter II was one of the early reasons the Super Nintendo became so popular, and an entire generation see Ryu and Nintendo going hand-in-hand.

Plus, Mega Man needs some company.

The gallery below also has a few screen capture of his stage as well. Sadly, Ken is not a costume swap, which would have made sense considering that’s what he was in the first place!

Two great choices. We’ll probably be getting official confirmation from Nintendo during its E3 Direct presentation. Hold onto your hats!