How is this for an idea that would have pushed the Nintendo 3DS to its brink? Uncovered audio files within the game's ROM have revealed that Nintendo was at one point thinking of including an eight player mode!

If the Nintendo 3DS couldn't even handle the Ice Climbers, how would this have ever been possible?

The audio files, initially reported by NintendoLife, feature the deep-voiced announcer shouting out a handful of announcements that did not make it into the final game. "Eight Player Match" is the dead giveaway of the initial plans, and Nintendo also had a "Yellow Team" planned to make up for the extra two characters in a team battle. All of the audio files include:

Boss Battle
Tourney (Tournament)
Yellow Team
Event Match
Grab the Coins
Special Smash
The Champion Is
8 Player Smash Choose a Mii

Super Smash Bros. has never extended its fighting modes beyond four characters, but between all we've seen from Smash Run and other big events, eight players might have been very well possible on the Wii U. I have been okay with the Nintendo 3DS version limiting the Wii U version, but if this is the case here, I would strongly object to it not making the cut.

Eight player Super Smash Bros. fights would have been insane!

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