Super Smash Bros Peach (4)

Nintendo has included an automatic moderation system within Super Smash Bros. for those who cheat in online competition, so naturally, everything is going to go to pieces. Since when has any anti-cheating software not caused a world of headache?

Owners of the Nintendo 3DS version, which is available in Japan, have reported a glitch which issues a one day ban for players who choose Peach in For Glory multiplayer mode. The theory is that her down+b attack makes the cheating software believe that the gamer is using an illegal or modified item.

Peach's down+ move pulls a turnip from the ground similar to the main mechanic of Super Mario Bros. 2, and the confusion from the software no doubt arises because she holds it like an actual item. The software just doesn't recognize it. Sounds like simple oversight for special moves and items, however EventHubs, who first reported on the glitch, has since confirmed that Link's bomb techniques do not incite a ban.

The software programmer just might not have been a fan of using Peach.

Nintendo has acknowledged the glitch and is working to fix it in Japan. It'll most likely have things sorted out with Super Smash Bros. for the 3DS launches on Oct. 3 in America.

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