Super Smash Bros. for Wii U Special Smash Menu

Just look at all these options. When Super Smash Bros. launches for the Wii U this November, it will include (whether unlockable or immediately open) the ability to tweak all sorts of settings before hopping into battle.

I'm not talking about raising the Stock or tweaking the handicap for NPCs. I'm talking insane-o options, like lowering gravity, decreasing speed, tiling the camera. Director Masahiro Sakurai posted the image you see at the head of this post along with this text on his Miiverse account:

Pic of the day. Stamina-based, Mega-sized with the Bunny Hood, Back Shield with Reflect, Lightweight, Slow, Angled Smash.

These battles are going to be nuts, friends. Special Smash looks like a ridiculous mode, and playing with supersized fighters with a constant blast of curry mouth sounds just stupid enough to work.

Super Smash Bros is set to sell for the Wii U on Nov. 21. The game will sell alongside Nintendo's first batch of amiibo.

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