So Nintendo broke the gaming world this week by revealing Final Fantasy VII’s Cloud Strife as a fighter in Super Smash Bros., bridging the gap between those late 90s Square and Nintendo fanboys. His reveal trailer was spectacular, but for some reason, he was not granted the same line-up of screenshots on the official website like the rest of the fighters.

As always, All Games Beta has gotten its hands on an official looking gallery, and everything appears to be in place. Cloud looks great, and his Midgar background is definitely the first “map” DLC I’d consider picking up in the last half a decade. However, something is missing from this batch of screenshots. Can you put your finger on it?

The Nintendo 3DS version! Everything here is clearly taken from the Wii U, and the darkened borders and lower quality character models that define the portable version are nowhere to be found! What gives?

I wouldn’t look too much into it though. The official website clearly states that Cloud will be available for both versions of the game at a TBA date, and I doubt Nintendo wants to create a rift in the character rosters. It’s just something to keep an eye on.

We don’t have a solid release date for the Cloud DLC, but Nintendo will be hosting a special Super Smash Bros. Broadcast this December. We’ll probably know more then.

Is that Cloud amiibo I can smell on the air?