Broken Nintendo 3DS Circle Pad

Remember back when the Wii was a new thing, and Nintendo had to contend with dummies breaking everything from ceiling fans to TVs with an over anxious flick of the Wii-mote? Well, something tells me that Americans are going to turn the Nintendo 3DS into the latest destructive product after Japan has given us a preview into the horror tht can happen when playing too seriously.

Fans are reportedly really getting into Super Smash Bros. and breaking their Circle Pads with a serious flick.

The demo for the Nintendo 3DS is a lot of fun and proving to be a viable substitute for the console version of the game whenever you are on the go. Apparently, Nintendo didn't take into account how seriously people play this game or it might have designed a more solid Circle Pad. Twitter posts are pouring in from Nintendo's home country of Japan, where the game has been available for nearly a week, with words of warnings from traumatized gamers.

No official response from Nintendo as of yet, but chances are, this one won't fall on its doorstep. This one is all on you. Keep in mind, when playing Super Smash Bros. do so with a clear mind. Meditate at least half an hour beforehand, because I've seen this series destroy friendships, something far more difficult to repair or replace than a Nintendo 3DS.

Super Smash Bros. for the 3DS will be released in America on October 3rd. The Wii U version will be available from later this Holiday season.