The LG G4 is a wonderful device that offers one of the best mobile cameras we’ve ever seen. But, according to Korean outlet ET News, that won’t be the only high-end device the company offers this year. LG will reportedly release a “super premium phone” later this year, one designed to go up against handsets like the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, Galaxy Note 5 and OnePlus 2.

It’s unclear what this super phone will offer, though we can make some educated guesses. You can bet the specs will be even better than what we saw in the G4, while it would be great to see the company tweak the device’s design, which is one of the weakest on the market (though I love the leather). Add in features such as wireless charging, a fingerprint reader and an even stronger camera, and you have a super phone right there.

What’s notable about LG’s interest in offering a “super premium phone” is the company admitting that the G4 fell short of expectations; LG apparently told ET News that the move is designed to counterbalance faltering G4 sales.

In addition to the company’s mysterious “super premium phone,” LG also has plans to release “derivatives” of the G4, which the company typically does with big flagships. That means we can expect devices like a G4 Mini, and so on and so forth. Some are already available.

The biggest event of the fall happens in September at IFA, so perhaps LG will unveil something then. It sounds like this is a knee-jerk reaction to less than stellar sales. If that’s the case, hopefully that doesn’t mean the company is rushing through the QA process just to ensure it has something to compete with this fall. It would be a shame to see the company introduce an unfinished and not-entirely-thought-out product.