There are very few things that I'm actually ashamed to admit when it comes to my life as a gamer. Unfortunately for Sega, Super Monkey Ball has slowly rolled over to the pile of embarrassment.

When the first games released on the GameCube, I absolutely adored them. Super Monkey Ball and Super Monkey Ball 2 stood among the titles I played most during that console generation. Their arcade puzzler elements coupled with their incredible party game offerings made them some of my favorite experiences from the entire Sega catalog.

Today? Man, I don't even know. I completely ignore the mobile version of Monkey Ball, and I'm almost always disappointed by the console and handheld variants.

Yet here I am, looking forward to another Monkey Ball title. If Sega can recapture the glory that was Super Monkey Ball for the GameCube, we'll be staring at what I'd consider a must-have game for the PlayStation Vita owners among us. Hopefully, that's the case.

Just, listen, don't make the tilt controls mandatory.

[via Sega Blog]