The thought of Super Meat Boy in 3D is downright blasphemous in these parts. The original XBLA and Steam hit is one of the finest examples of modern 2D platforming, not to mention it's one nasty beast to try to tackle. If you haven't played it in any form yet, then what are you waiting for?

Well, the devil is certainly laughing at us now. Here it is, Super Meat Boy Galaxy, 3D platforming and all. So why am I not cursing the grounds where I stand? Well, this is all for charity.

The clever guys at Team Meat smacked their heads together for co-creator Tommy Refenes' 30th birthday party and created this little prototype as a surprise gift. Granted, it's a rough piece of work, consisting of only one level that rotates around a spherical world, not unlike another popular platforming series subtitled Galaxy out there.

Now, Team Meat Co-creator Aubrey Hesselgren wants to give you the chance to play it, but he's holding it for "charitable ransom." He has started a JustGiving charity page aimed at raising £10,000 for Samaritans, an organization dedicated to helping those who suffer from depression and despair. Should the goal be met, Hesselgren will release the prototype to the public.

Those who donate will get the game regardless.

As said, Team Meat's brilliant 2D platformer, Super Meat Boy, is an incredibly fun video game for those who have the stomach for an old fashioned punch to the gut. Be sure to check for updates on their homepage as well for their upcoming game Mew-genics.

[via VG247]