Just like that, Meat Boy is back in a game that "trims the fat" so to say called Super Meat Boy Forever.

Team Meat brought the game with them to PAX Prime after it promised to show off  a new "peeping Tom simulator" called A Voyeur for September. Sorry for not guessing on the anagram sooner. That weird live-action thing is not real, nor can I really imagine how it ever would or should exist.

Sadly, Team Meat's reveal hasn't gone as smoothly a planned. Early reports claimed that Super Meat Boy Forever is an endless-runner bound for phones, tablets, and PC. This proved to be untrue though, probably because the confusing title suggests as such. My guess is that journalists on the floor were also pummeled into thinking the game was endless because reaching the end of each level was too hard.

Designer Edmund McMillen was forced to step in and clarify that the game is not an endless runner, but it will feature an auto-run mechanic in a fully developed platforming game.

So it's just like Super Meat Boy, but it is designed with touch controls in mind for ease of use on a tablet or a smartphone. It's not a choice I'm totally behind, but considering the first game is already about as ideal to me as it gets, maybe this is the shake up the formula needs to make it interesting. Team Meat naturally seems genuinely pleased with the choice, and why should I stop trusting their judgement now?

In other news, Team Meat also confirmed with Joystiq that its "cat lady simulator" game Mew-Genics is also on hold. Programmer Tommy Refenes claims that Team Meat "shouldn't have been talking about it as much in the beginning as we did, because the game expanded beyond what it originally was."

"Even some of the posts that we made in the beginning, that stuff doesn't exist in the game anymore."

Hopefully, we'll see more on Mew-Genics once Super Meat Boy Forever becomes a hit. No trailers for the game just yet, but a Vine video did manage to escape from the convention.