WARNING: This video has language might not be suitable for young ears.

Twitch has exposed the hidden talents of gamers all across the world, and it has also exposed the serious inferiority complex I have about my own gaming skills. One of my all time favorites is Super Mario World, and you know, I think I'm okay at it. I can pull it out and blast through it with over 100 1ups by the end.

And then, this guy PangaeaPanga has to come along and beat it in 23 minutes… with a blindfold on.

As if those Guitar Hero controller Dark Souls videos were not enough to knock me down a peg or two, YouTube user PangaeaPanga has uploaded a video of himself blasting through the Super Nintendo classic without even looking. No glitches either, and only a few deaths. He take the fastest official path through the game, blazing over Star Road, riding the key holes right into Bowser's front door, and knocking the lizard king out with a strategy I've never seen.

Ugh, why do I do… what I do?