If I'm being completely honest, I'll say that I don't really get the appeal of speedruns. I mean, I'm certainly in awe of people who play tough games wonderfully, and I absolutely recognize the skill involved in completing a game quickly. It's just that I don't really enjoy watching them too much.

I was sort of fascinated by this one runner's crack at Super Mario World for the SNES. YouTube user SethBling performed what's called the Credits Warp (a glitch found by Jeffw356), though this run is a bit special. He gets it done in 5:59.6, a full minute slower than the aforementioned runner, but he does it for the first time on an actual console.

That's right, this is the world record run for Super Mario World in non-emulator form.

The Credits Warp glitch is one that I'll admit I don't completely understand. As he explains in the video, it's a matter of using specific in-game actions to rewrite the code of the game. That's likely a super simplified explanation of what's going on, but SethBling has to do things in super precise fashion in order to nail this run.

The whole thing is interesting, and in-game glitches really never cease to amaze me when they're used like this.