Back when Super Mario Run was revealed for the mobile platform, Nintendo announced that it would be a free download. They clarified then that the full game would cost a fee.

Nintendo doubled down on that clarification this week when speaking with investors. Nintendo President Tatsumi Kimishima explained that users can download the game for free. From there, if users want the full experience, they’ll pay a fee. That price was not announced.

The good news here is that the fee will unlock the entire game, free from ads or microtransactions.

Kimishima explained that players will play “without worrying about additional fees…children can also play it with peace of mind.” As a father, that last bit is awesome.

Super Mario Run will work like some of Nintendo’s free 3DS titles

Consider Rusty’s Real Deal Baseball. That game was free-to-start. Players could download it, play a mini-game or two and then buy it piecemeal from there. Super Mario Run sounds even more simple.

I like the idea that the game will be free for anyone to try. There are tons of gamers looking forward to Super Mario Run. A trial without a price tag will go a long way. Hopefully, the game will sell for something like $5.