Are we looking at the next big mobile gaming craze? Maybe. Nintendo certainly has the franchise history and game making muscle to launch this title into the cultural cosmos.

We’re talking about Super Mario Run, of course, and the house that Mario built has released two new trailers for the upcoming mobile title. Here’s the introduction trailer that features more than three minutes of gameplay:

And here’s a live action trailer because obviously this game needs one. It’s actually a solid trailer, so enjoy. Granted, it makes Super Mario Run seem like a lifechanging experience, but whatever.

When will Super Mario Run launch, and how much will it cost?

Fair questions, internet stranger. Super Mario Run is set to launch on December 15, 2016. It will only sell for iOS platforms initially.

The game is being offered as a free download that will only include the introductory content. If you want to keep playing, Super Mario Run will cost a one-time fee of $9.99. That gets you everything, though, and you’ll only pay it once.

Think that’s too steep? I looked at the price of the game in an earlier editorial, so feel free to dig in.

Me? Oh, I’m just patiently waiting for the Android version. Where’s the Android version, Nintendo? Where is it?