Super Mario Run is still exclusive to the iOS platform. Nintendo has said they elected to hit Apple first thanks to piracy concerns.

That will change soon, as Super Mario Run is slated to hit Android this year. When? We’re not sure. At least now we can register to be notified about its future availability.

Much like what Nintendo and Apple did on iOS, Google Play is now offering a “Pre-register” button on Super Mario Run‘s official store page. Once the game drops, users who pre-register will be notified.

This is a good way to set it and forget it if you plan on checking out Super Mario Run once it hits Android.

Nintendo should have launched on Android on day one

Maybe Apple paid to have that early exclusivity. If they did, that makes sense. If they didn’t? The piracy argument is bogus.

Say Super Mario Run hits in March or April of this year. Will Android’s piracy problem magically be solved between now and then? No. Nintendo will simply continue to lose hype over time. Especially since Super Mario Run still carries a 3-star rating on the App Store.

That negative word of mouth about the free-to-start then $10 charge has been a huge sticking point for detractors, and I’m not sure Nintendo will find the same initial success on Android now that the word is out.

We’ll see. When Super Mario Run gets an Android release date, we’ll let you know.