Last year, most Switch owners were captivated by Super Mario Odyssey, and the game is sneaking into the headlines once again.

Game streamer Timpani took on the arduous Odyssey challenge of collecting all 880 moons (including 119 that need to be purchased with coins), but he couldn’t take any damage. I have yet to collect all the moons and I die at least every ten minutes.

For context, the record to attain all 880 moons while taking damage is 7 hours, 54 minutes and 1 second. However, it gets much harder doing so without taking any damage.

Timpani began the challenge on Christmas Eve and became the first person ever to complete the challenge unscathed on Christmas Day. He collected all 880 moons in 10 hours, 44 minutes and 22 seconds. A large portion of the extra time was spent waiting out a battle to deliver the right attack so as to not take damage.

Throughout the stream, you can sense Timpani’s angst as he gets towards the end of collecting all 880 moons but needs to avert the final challenge with Bowser to get that last moon. He even admits he tears up after the accomplishing the feat.

You can watch his achievement down below.