If you’re hungry for more information about Super Mario Odyssey (and I mean super hungry, totally starving, absolutely need it), then you need to strap in for a lengthy analysis of some footage for of the game.

It comes from the, seriously, b-roll of the title shown behind a Super Mario Odyssey display at a Japanese gaming event. As the b-roll, well, rolled, the audience watching was treated to new and unique glimpses of the game’s world and a smidge of what it has to offer. From Cat Mario references to Purple Coins, it’s all there.

Here’s the clip in question as it comes from SuperMarioT on YouTube.

Kinda silly? Sure, I’ll give you that

Like I said in the intro, this video is really only special if you’re dying for more Super Mario Odyssey content. Which, hey, I totally understand. This will be one of the premiere Nintendo Switch titles this year. It will absolutely be one of the biggest games of the holiday season. If it’s anywhere close to as good as Super Mario Galaxy was, I’ll be an incredibly happy player.

I get the hype. Really.

I’m just waiting patiently. How about you?