Of course, Nintendo isn’t talking about how many unique areas there are in Super Mario Odyssey just yet, but we know of at least three. The desert and city spaces are on display for press and fans to play at E3 on the show floor, but there’s an additional space that’s available in demo form.

The Nintendo Treehouse team played 30 minutes worth of Super Mario Odyssey‘s Wooded Kingdom. Here’s the clip.

There’s a part in the video that I found especially interesting. There’s a bit where Mario is walking along what seems to be the perimeter of the level. He jumps out to grab some purple coins that linger off the ledge, and he appears to fall to his doom.

Fall into a pit in a Mario game, and you die… right?

This moment incurs a loading screen, and we see Mario land in a completely new area that he wouldn’t have found without jumping off the cliff.

This game appears to encourage odd exploration and risk taking, and I sort of appreciate it for that. I’m even more excited for it based on this footage.

Super Mario Odyssey will hit the Nintendo Switch on October 27, 2017.

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